I have a shiny new website – now what? Part One – Social Media

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marketing a new website

Its a great feeling to have an amazing new website designed ready to take on the world with your new business, but too many people think thats where it ends, then after a month or two of not getting anything start to wonder why they bothered, and why they aren’t getting those all important enquiries/leads/sales.

The key to making this all work is exactly that, you need to WORK at it, you need to show up everyday and put the effort in, keep plugging away at it, and I promise, if you do this you will start to see results.

Now I know, many of you have absolutely no clue where to start when it comes to marketing your business, it can be extremely overwhelming, but this handy guide I am putting together should help you get on your way to building your empire and make your business a success, I am going to break this down into 3 parts, the first one will detail Social Media, the 2nd will look at SEO and the 3rd will be covering paid traffic options, each post will outline steps you can perform, you can save it as a blueprint for getting started, but whatever you do with it, the most important thing is that you DO… do something… every single day.


The easiest thing to do when you are first starting out is to make sure you have a good foundation to reach out to your potential clients, and perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is via social media. Now not all social media is created equal, and depending on the industry you are in, and services you provide some of the platforms work much better than others, for instance, you are selling Wedding Cakes or Clothing – Instagram would be perfect for you, not so much if you are a plumber though.

Here are a list of Social Media platforms you definitely need to sign up to (providing the fit your industry as mentioned above):


Facebook is a must have for any business in todays environment, purely because of the amount of people using it, there is a good chance your potential clients are on there, even if you provide business to business services theres a good chance someone you want to reach logs into their Facebook account on a daily basis.

Facebook Pages

For business purposes you need to set up a business page, try not to use your personal account for business purposes as this can often lead to someone reporting you (generally your competitors) and you will lose your account, thankfully Facebook gives you the option to create your page for free, and this can be an invaluable tool for promoting your services, products and special offers, get more information on the benefits of setting up a business page on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/business/products/pages

Facebook Groups

buy sell swapFacebook groups are an invaluable resource, and I have built many businesses up to earning thousands per month simply using this single method that I will share with you now,
utilising specifically one area of Facebook Groups – the golden Buy/Sell/Swap Groups!.

From within Facebook simply type in your local area(s) plus iterations of Buy, Sell, Swap – for instance ‘Birmingham Buy/Sell’, or ‘Buy, Sell, Swap London’, you can widen it out to counties too ‘Buy, Sell Bedfordshire’ and so on, you will get a list of groups relating to your search term, simply click on the ‘join’ button attached to each.

Once you have joined a few of these groups, use your favourite graphics software to create a 1200px x 1200px graphic for your business, if you don’t have one I highly recommend using Canva (https://www.canva.com) its super easy to use and they have a free package that should be plenty enough to get you started, then simply post your ad in the group, don’t forget to put a link to your website or contact number, these people could want to get in touch.

This is a really easy way to start showing your business to potentially tens of thousands of people in your area, if its something you offer to a more national or international thats fine too, just join as many as you can all over the country/world.

One thing to add to this, Facebook have a filter built in, so if you join too many groups too fast they will block you from joining or posting for a couple of weeks, I tend to join around 5-10, then go do something else and come back after half hour, rinse and repeat.


Create your Twitter content strategy

Compelling content will help you attract new followers and keep them engaged over time.

There’s no right or wrong number of times you should Tweet each day, or when. Instead, focus on creating a regular cadence of content that’s relevant to your target audience and authentic to your business.

Need some inspiration? Here are five best practices to help you create Tweets that spark conversations and keep your audience engaged.

  1. Keep it short

    A concise Tweet makes an impact. Keep each Tweet focused on one specific message rather than trying to communicate multiple things. You can include a link to a blog post or website if you have a longer message to convey.

  2. Use visuals in your Tweets

    Adding a bold image, video, or GIF to your Tweets adds a touch of personality, and leads to higher Tweet engagement rates. In fact, people are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain videos and photos.* Can’t decide which photo to use? You can attach up to four photos to a single Tweet.

  3. Incorporate relevant hashtags

    Hashtags are a powerful tool that allow you to expand your reach and tap into relevant conversations. Focus on keywords that are relevant to your business. Best practices recommend using no more than two hashtags per Tweet.

    One simple way to incorporate hashtags is by identifying popular events to which you can link your business in an authentic way. Remember, these can be everyday, personal events like meals or commutes, as well as wider cultural events, like Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year.

  4. Ask questions and run polls

    Asking questions is an effective way to to interact with your audience, bring readers into the conversation, and understand people’s opinions. Tweet open-ended questions or use Twitter polls to survey on specific responses.

  5. Curate and connect with Retweets and replies

    Retweeting relevant content and replying to Tweets are great ways to maintain a robust Twitter presence. Positive customer feedback, helpful articles, and messages that align with your business’s authentic voice are all impactful content to Retweet. When in doubt, remember this rule of thumb: your Retweets reflect back on your business and should align with your purpose and values.

    People love to talk to businesses directly on Twitter. Be responsive to any questions, comments, and criticisms that come your way. To avoid long exchanges, switch to Direct Messages to resolve any complex issues. You can now include a deep link in a Tweet that displays a ‘Send a private message’ call-to-action button to enable customers to send you a Direct Message.

     Now that you’re Tweeting out different content types, checking your free Twitter analytics will help you understand what content resonates with your audience. Use the Tweet activity dashboard to monitor engagement rates — this will help give you a better understanding of what your audience wants to see. Experiment with new creative elements often and hone what performs well.


When you have a new Website you should seriously consider utilising Instagram, of course this has varied success depending on your industry, for those selling visual products it can work wonders for your sales, it can also be a useful tool to raise brand awareness for your site.

One of the key factors in using Instagram successfully is to have an actual strategy, if you don’t have one in place there is a very good chance you will just be wasting your time, and your efforts will be in vain.

As you’re putting together your Instagram strategy for 2017, the following are topics that are important for you to consider…

A Blueprint for Success – Your Instagram Strategy for 2017





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